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The third season of AEL ultimate frisbee in Prospect Park continues a storied history that predates the formation of the League itself. The opening day on 07APR02 was a smashing success with at least 15 people attending. Some of the photos below were taken on 14APR02, during a game between Brisket Boys (pictured in yellow) making their season debut, and the--uh... other guys.

AEL frisbee generally lasts the duration of the park's open field season: April through early November. All are welcome. Games are every Sunday at noon on the ballfields (enter from 9th or 11th street, or Pavilion Theater corner). F train to 7th Ave or 15th Street. Contact Miah if you'd like to get on the frisbee mailing list.

In Attendance:
bumpercar | cappy | chubster | jimmo | kevinbranch | miahzinn | melliott | moonknight | rockman | snerdy | steplin | et al.

The fabulous Brisket Boys

Frisbee is a magical experience for Cappy

I think he sees us

Ready to receive

Cappy D

Hey, stop eating my tiny oatmeal frisbees, guys!

Nature is beautiful

[Insert funny caption here]

Rockman fell for the bait

C'mon, guys