Sat-Sun 11-12 Oct 2003 || View discussion thread here.

An opportunity to see the insides of some NYC edifices appealed to a number of our members. The Brooklyn contingent checked out the Brooklyn Army Terminal and the Green-Wood cemetary (cf. eponymous archive for an earlier field trip experience). The Manhattan contingent checked out the Grand Lodge of the Masons--a rather plain building on the corner of 23rd and 6th which revealed Vegas-esque neo-Egyptian, Colonial American, French Baroque, etc. stylings in floor after floor, chamber after chamber. The lavish trappings gave new meaning to the word "Guild." What, exactly, do these guys do in there?

Next up was a gallery/home on 15th just west of 6th Ave. Terrapin is also excessive in its own way, making the most of its limited real estate. Somehow managed to feel spacious and claustrophobic at once. But the owners are proud of their accomplishment and more power to them--it's definitely a spectacle.

The Jefferson Market clocktower and the Washingon Square Arch were to be the next stops on our list, but the massive line at the former dissuaded us and we called it a day. We're saving some for next year.

More photos will be posted as they're developed.

In Attendance:
cappy | jebbathebutt | jrhino | kevinbranch | miahzinn | Miss Chief | mr_satisfaction | steplin