Thu 23 April 2002 || View discussion thread here.

It was a bright and brisk day the League chose for its first ice skating outing--Wollman Rink in Prospect Park. The not-quite friendly staff and rather crowded rink were no obstacles to our enthusiasm, for we had already paid admission. After lacing up our rentals (excepting our League ringers, betty lebieux and miahzinn, who brought their own skates), we toddled/glided/skated around for very close to almost maybe an hour at least before determining we had accomplished our goal.

Then it was on to phase II, for the most intrepid of our group--Bania Inc., which has earned a rating of 5 oak-branch vennik, if you can believe it. Hot tub, cold tub, steam room, Russian and Turkish sauna rooms. Burly man to beat you with the vennik. Rumors of arm wrestling contests later that evening. We retreated to the adjoining restuarant for boiled and smoked things, and some much needed rehydration. It's all in a day's activity for an Enthusiast.

In Attendance:
betty lebieux | bumpercar | cappy | cotton | kevinbranch | miahzinn | Miss Rubes | rockman | steplin | T-luv

Plus League guests:
Kate Arterberry, Ivana Barbiera, Colleen McMahon, Tim Olsen