Sat 17 November 2001 || View discussion thread here.

Bowling at Sunset Lanes in Brooklyn was certainly one of the best Activity Enthusiast experiences to date. About 7 people showed for an authentic Mexican meal in “South Slope” before meeting up with a few others at the bowling alley.

Man those shoes are cool! Every time I go bowling I forget just how attractive those spray-sanitized slippery soles can be. Lucky for us there was plenty of sizes to go around – because lane management strictly enforced a “no-socks without proper shoes” bowling rule. And let me tell you – you did NOT want to disobey Sunset Lanes management. Not with a “Property Protected by Smith & Wesson” sign next to the cash register. No sir.

We got there a bit on the late side and many of the freebie balls were sitting in other bowlers’ reservoir thingies. But we managed to score a couple of 20 pound balls with finger holes that hadn’t been capped off to 1 inch.

I have never seen so many Hassidic Jews rolling marbles in my life! And man they were good. I think there was some sort of league night. It was after sundown on a Saturday night so it was time to let their peas’s (those curly hair things by their ears) down. I saw one guy polishing his ball with the silky cupped inside of a spare yarmulke – but Miah got his camera out just as he was finishing up.

Scores for the two games were all over the place – from a pathetic 58 to a whopping 157. Its AEL policy not to record names when it comes to scoring - but lets just say there was a healthy amount of competition where in the end – everyone remained friends. I will say that in the 10th frame of the first game, one woman got a turkey! And what better frame to bowl three strikes in a row! Hopefully this will be just the first alley of many AEL will conquer in the years ahead

In Attendance:
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