Frequently Asked Questions

Have a nagging question that you can't figure out? Check the FAQ first. It's a repository of common problems/questions that enthusiasts are having. If you have a question that isn't answered here, we want to know. Email us at

1. Ok...I have a great idea for an activity that's been fully brainstormed in the forums, how do I make it happen?

2. How can I insert graphics and stuff in my postings?

3. How can I get a user icon?


1. If you're willing to take on the responsibility for this activity get it into the scheduled activities forum to alert people that it's happening. Send an email to that includes:

- a synopsis of the event
- any preparation for the event that is needed (i.e. write an essay to be delivered) or requirements for attending (i.e. entrance fee or ticket purchase)
- the date
- the time
- the location
- directions to the location
- instruction for RSVP'ing (in the forum? via email?)

After you send the email, it will be posted in the scheduled activities forum. We also can promote it via the mailing list and the top page. Send an email to

2. The forum FAQ shows you how to add special formatting, emoticons, graphics, etc. to your postings. Take note that currently the only way to display an image is to link to it. This means you can't just "attach" an image to your posting as if it were an email. You have to reference an image that exists somewhere on the web. If the location of your image changes then the link will no longer work.

3. Unfortunately you can't do this all by yourself at the moment. But the administrators will happily post an icon of your choosing. The maximum dimensions are 80 x 40 pixels. You must also include a tagline of no more than 25 characters, or else one will be made up for you.