Apr-Nov 2003 || View discussion thread here.

The fourth season of AEL ultimate frisbee has been an unparalleled success. Since we began in late March we've had unflagging participation, breaking all kinds of attendence records. If it wasn't for the damn MLU (Major League Ultimate) revenue-sharing initiative we'd be raking it in. Hand over fist, I tell you. We're still working on a cable deal, but for some reason we're considered "small market." In the meantime, we've been relying on the dynamic medium of digital photography to capture the excitement of the sport.

The shots from below are taken from a typical game day on 2003.07.20 and from our big barbecue on 2003.08.24. Rockman earned his BBQ badge for proposing the idea, and extra thanks to Manny and cavanagh for the legwork. You can follow the bbq thread here. You can also see full size versions of Manny's pix here.

AEL frisbee generally lasts the duration of the park's open field season: April through early November. All are welcome. Games are every Sunday at noon-thirty in the little valley north of the ballfields (enter from 9th or 11th street, or Pavilion Theater corner). F train to 7th Ave or 15th Street. Smack talk occasionally occurs here.

Contact Cappy if you'd like to get on the frisbee mailing list, or if there's a correction or omission regarding the attendance list below.

In Attendance 2003:
23 | AaronB | bakerman | betty lebieux | bumpercar | cappy | cavanagh | chubster | emilymusch | Hall of Fame | ifearart | jimmo | kevinbranch | lancio | madam bovary | miahzinn | Miss Chief | Miss Rubes | moonknight | mr_satisfaction | munki | rockman | snerdy | steplin | Tlefelt | T-luv

Plus special guests:
Anthony | Toby Billowitz | Vaughn Brown | Mike Burns | Dan Butler | Hank Cardwell | Laura Charlton | Craig | Danielle | Dave | Geoff | Brian Huynh | Jimmy | Gregg Lieberman | Jon Lindsay | Mark | Josh Saunders | Bonnie Tsui | Vanessa | Andy Wanning | Jimmy Weir | Dave Williams