Sat 31 Oct 2003 || View discussion thread here.

The cobwebs were thick, ghastly beasts in every corner. The ominous tones of demonic revelers permeated the dim stairway. The late Ann Shivers waited patiently in the hall for the guests to arrive. It was unseasonably warm for October 31st, but the atmosphere of 212 Dean was chilling.

Disguised Leaguers, friends, and friends of friends mingled, fed, and rocked n' rolled all night and throughout four stories of the building. The costumes ranged from clever to goofy and from glamorous to down right distasteful. In short, spectacular.

Between the spoon-feeding of serious jello shots, some dirty dancing, rumors of debauchery, and the following pictures as proof, I think fun was had by all.

Thanks for coming!

Betty Lebieux

In Attendance:
Bakerman | betty lebieux | cappy | cavanagh | chubster | cotton | gerry | Hall of Fame | jebbathebutt | jrhino | kebbeh | kevinbranch | madam bovary | marybonfire | miahzinn | Miss Chief | moonknight | mr_satisfaction | NickStone | rockman | steplin | T-luv

With Special Guests:
Andra | Kate Arterberry | Jay Jaffe | Josh | Jon Lindsay | Naomi Rosen | Trish