Monkeylove started as a joke...a sham...a deception. Wouldn't it be funny if we created a mailing list and website for people who were crazy about monkeys and attracted some unsolicited members who really loved monkeys? The plan was to impersonate a group of people who had monkeys as pets; sending email tips about cures for diaper rash, sharing the latest and greatest monkey chow recipe and comparing stories about the crazy antics of our loveable pets. If our stories and tips were believable enough and we played the part to a tee, at some point we would start attacting members who actually owned monkeys as pets!

Over the course of chatting about our imaginary monkeys for months on end, we were unsuccesfull in luring true monkeylovers to our list.

But, of course this story does have a bright side; after a year of telling stories about our monkeys we actually stated to really love monkeys! All of the members of monkeylove became true monkeylovers.

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