Thu 23 April 2002 || View discussion thread here.

A meeting, a meeting... yes, wonderful idea. But without an official AEL clubhouse, where on earth could we convene? In a moment of mischief we struck upon subverting the food court on the top floor of the Manhattan Mall into our own convention hall. After all, the catering is built-in with a simply wonderful selection of delicious cuisines from several if not many countries which include the countries of China and Mexico and America. I think the Bourbon Chicken from which country I'm not really sure was the popular favorite--someone almost finished their plate! The alluring yellow light set the mood. We camped out on some free tables nestled between the drywalled construction areas, with a magnificent view of the inner atrium. So many stores of which some are open for business set like jewels in some sort of jewlry piece. Who could resist? Not the AEL!

In Attendance:
betty lebieux | cappy | jimmo | kevinbranch | miahzinn | moonknight | rockman | snerdy | Sorrymissjackson | steplin