Nick Stone...

Issa Clubb...

and "betty lebieux" with their original "ningfish" fashions.

"Bumpercar" with an antique AEL mascot figurine.

"Steplin" with an original "bumpercar".

Jessa with an original (?).

Lyndsay with a "rockman" painting.

"Snerdy" with a Seth Rockman painting.

"Gerry" with a hand-crafted "lebieux".

Andra with a delicious "steplin".

Bromwyn with "Snerdy's" game treasures.

Lyndsay with (?).

Kate with "spookylove's" surprise package.

"Moonknight" with (?).

"Mr_satisfaction" with a "jimmo" work on paper.

"Jrhino" with Jen's work on paper.